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Exeter Studio

Studio Hours:

Monday - 10.00-5.00

Tuesday - 10.00-5.00

Wednesday - 10.00-5.00

Thursday - 10.00-8.00

Friday - 10.00-5.00

Saturday - 10.00-5.00

Please call Kelli on 0742 923 6607 or email to book an appointment. Appointments last approximately 30mins-1hour.


Unit 1 Sandpiper Court

Harrington Lane




If you are driving there is a car park entrance via driveway between the units, as you entre the driveway, drive to the left side of the car park and we have parking spaces by the wall (back of garages) marked with yellow signs '1 Sandpiper Court'. Come to unit 1 and there is a door bell with number 6 on it to ring. 

Due to space in bridal fitting room please could you keep guests to a minimum

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